h o m e........
p a s t   i s s u e s....
s u b m i s s i o n s....
l i n k s





Not likely expression’s

as ‘itself’
this time.

That first nonstop flight:


or hunger—

the parent,

deep empty gut of space

multiplying parents

then that bleating whinnying animal stuckness

hitching time

& I’m here again

with who or what wakes.


Say this sign’s 

shorting out,
a string of sparks, hot
illuminated falling.
Did I hang it there?


It was the texture 
& experience of anyone

smoldering over the forge / forgery / creationfog            

hovering / a cursor / casting
weird / trochaic / tetrameter-wise

done & / done & / not un / undone

redemptive as a billboard.


Forward motion—
that’s me!

Everything moves
<e.g., the blogosphere>

until the lights come on—
you missed it!

There are users / downloaders
wanting to be seen

in repetition / rituals of violence

when I am the sunny sleeping 
American girl 
by watchers of pain-bodies.


Monitor on.

Now I’m the naked woman
obscured by ice cream,

vanilla interloper
monitoring sensation:

cement wedding cake
lit <desired> from within / eaten down to rebar 

monologing to collective thought / crowd 
cheering a stage:

End of Days!


The way they counted 
then went to seed?

Or eminent domain
either side of impermanence 

finding an organizing passion

believing I still prefer 
love / foraging the ready fridge

sick of the mock / the tune

at the pulled dollstring / dolly-soul

leaking iron & pee,
spark catching in wheel wells

light passing 
out of range?


Time’s finishing
the life on this plate again

time makes a deliberate
strategy of / moving forward

into live editing of / marrying
the forgery of forward—


so it appears            
I’m continuum with antennae 
wireless sandwich print receipt again

for red vase found in recycling & chandelier 
etched by finger on the frost

I’m a site human resourced to

refake / reword / process

ephemeral installation
cranking out identifying finites
up they’ll burn

Janet Kaplan is the author most recently of Dreamlife of a Philanthropist: Prose Poems & Prose Sonnets, winner of the 2011 Ernest Sandeen Prize from the University of Notre Dame Press. She publishes the fine-art chapbook press Red Glass Books and teaches in the creative writing program at Hofstra University.

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