h o m e........
p a s t   i s s u e s....
s u b m i s s i o n s....
l i n k s




nursery rune /

to sugarscoop the chopping boss in the cool house

(this little piggy went to market)

to cool the sugarscoop in the boss's house

(fee fi fo fum)

to boss the cool in the sugarscoop

(this little piggy stayed home)

to be sugarscooped by a cool boss in a chopping house

(a tisket a tasket)

to be cooled by a chop in the boss's house

(her lamb was sure to go)

to chop the boss with a sugarscoop

(row row row your boat)

chop cool boss scoop sugar

(merrily merrily merrily merrily)

O innocence! how doth one quote thee!

Oh innocence! how do I court you!

Ah innocence! with you I clothe me.

                                    / cursory ruin

from caught in the gears 

a captive


is cornered between street light.  & moonlight.  all light.  in between.  which is no light.  she knows.  she

moves.  further west.  so they.  won't think of her.  that way.  she thinks.  that way.  a dog barks.  in the lull.

there 's a dog.  barking at her departure.  there's a dog barking.  in her deportment.  she writes.  in

aquamarine.  or on an aquamarine.  machine.  in an aquarium.  in the dead.  of the night.  or to the dead. 

at night.


a captain

is the captive.  of the team.  or she isn't.  wasn't even.  chosen.  there are two kinds.  of slow.  before

school.  & after school.  one she steps.  out of.  the other.  she steps into.  there are layers of weather. 

worn clipped to her.  mittens.  there's a red.  boot.  to step out of.  to step onto.  the creek.  into the

frozen.  creek.  she's learning.  how to be chosen.  she learned.  how to be captioned.  she's the captain. 

of  the toboggan.



a captain's

role is to speak   her speech    captivates    the team's    capacity     a capacious speaker   wins  the

trophy    the statuesque  speaker    encapsulates      a captious reader    caresses    the corpse of her

team's capitulation      as viciously as     an interpretative reading of     "How to Hang a Picture"

capitalized on how much    I loved a book     I loved to win     the statuette    


Bio: Paula Koneazny lives in Santa Rosa, CA. Her chapbook Installation (2012) is available from Tarpaulin Sky Press. Her poetry has appeared most recently in Bateau, New American Writing, Shearsman, Aufgabe, Ambush & Horseless Review.  She is an assistant editor of Volt.

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