h o m e........
p a s t   i s s u e s....
s u b m i s s i o n s....
l i n k s






In the swimming pool
the body is all she wanted for it,
grace moving against the weight
of viscosity, no pain

making out the dream where
someone was comforted
whose loss was so great
her paralyzed body
must be dragged
through water

old guy in his speedo striking
the warrior pose on the deck

preteen in the locker room,
body swaddled in the beach towel
over which she fastens her bra
then whisks free the towel

In bed the semi swollen
red rubber hot water bottle
against the skin so like
a Bleeding Heart

the heat of it, ah,
against what she once heard
a woman call her grind

sometimes at night it leaves her
and she gropes for it,
half full it heaves then
the way a cat would, settles





The ocean unforms into tiny cubes,
gives a shake and little blocks reassemble,
brushstrokes of knell, gulls bawl
a desire-and-want-to-punish song,
redscathed the swimmer emerges

you touched me. a woman caged
in tattooed vines tells a small boy
who digs hands into warm sand
where cool damp is hiding,
metal and hooks at her navel and lip
will absent her, soon

a paddleboard delivers what the eye
disbelieves, someone walking on water,
salt froth harrumphs and collapses,
Give up, Come in, Hokusai foam
shaped with blunt crayon stubs, wax flaking

the swimmer looks out for dolphins,
hears the snorts of their breathing,
the earth body shrugs, blue veined,
fissured, surface planes
shift in angular collision,
cubist sound of the waves



BIO: Karen Kevorkian has published poetry collections with What Books Press and Red Hen Press in Los Angeles. Her poems recently appear in Antioch Review, Denver Quarterly, Michigan Quarterly Review, the Taos Journal, Poetry International, and Volt, as well as in Pool 2013.


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