h o m e........
p a s t   i s s u e s....
s u b m i s s i o n s....
l i n k s








            Biodiversity is all we have.
                                    -E.O. Wilson


Beetle, the polished
metal acid trip mirror
of your exoskeleton
reflects your non-beetle
bug-eyed cousins
whose perception differs
markedly based on profit
rather than the luminous
beauty of your green getup,
70s disco gypsy other world
holdover come here
to show us on earth
who had never before nor
will again see anything like it
what is possible.


To the single
adult intercepted
at a nursery
in Athens, Georgia
on a shipment
of crape myrtle bonsai
from China, I say
no measures
are being taken
to conserve your species,
plentiful citrus pest
with finger holds
of twilight grazing
your joints, your backside
a painter’s dropcloth
daubed with white speckles
prompting the moniker
starry sky, sky beetle
from someone who
saw you simply,
pretty quarantine,
gave you a beautiful
name like Anaktoria
as anodyne for later
hatred you rebuff,
being so loved
by night you wear
its beaming senseless
as plum fruit
under wax bloom.


Infinitely susceptible
to being stepped on
or gobbled, weevil
designers are constantly
upping the panoply
of options, as in the case
of this outfit
in a blue-banded tunic
with tropical longitudinal
pinstripes, perfect for
afternoon executive meetings
or working lunches
in five star restaurants
where presentation is so
crucial if the chef hasn’t
garnished the yam leaves,
a waiter will do it.
Cerulean and sea green
bedeck each hind wing
and antenna, but the real
touch are the toe tips edged
with a down-haired aura
of yellow so that even left
entourage-less, he is
not without limelight.


At six and a half
inches, Titan
outmatches a wallet
the shade of its burnished
brown tough as shoe leather
skeleton. Though hundreds
of conspicuous specimens
have been pinned in
Colombia, not one larva
has been witnessed
downing grubs
in decaying rain forest
matter—and since
adults do not feed
but mate, we can only
imagine those voracious jaws
working to acquire a life
time of nutrients,
strength enough to snap
pencils if backed into
corners in temperatures
not high enough to lift
an armored chopper above
the whole business
of no-exit conditions.


Small enough to enter
the spore of a fungus,
some beetles are hidden
among us without
lenses, common nameless
ptiliids depicted in drawings
to comfort introvert
experts on websites



BIO: Amy Wright is Nonfiction Editor of Zone 3 Press (www.apsu.edu/zone3) and the author of three chapbooks with her fourth scheduled for release in 2014. Her work appears in Brevity, DIAGRAM, Drunken Boat, Kenyon Review, Denver Quarterly, and Tupelo Quarterly.


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