h o m e........
p a s t   i s s u e s....
s u b m i s s i o n s....
l i n k s





ornament as disguise

I snowed for years.

You swallowed hope, the crooked-fingered star—

The light never went out of my belly—

You snowed for years.

Sails, bunched in the harbor, blooming and contracting
like a slovenly heart,
all seventeen in an unruly mass, some
trying to pull away—

You wouldn’t feel your loss—
You made it art, the beautiful object, tears, waste
and the diamond in it, you said
he left me, he left me, like geese on the fly
hands fat with ether—
saw through your grief the boats on the lake and said

the sails are white knives crossing over the water,
they slice and re-slice the sky.

Clicking too shut jeweled Jewelry Box

with your How Sequinned, How Pre-Raphaelite

boats so much brighter on the water
than knives you imagined, white knives you imagined, not

lamp, sun, on the white of the sail

men unmooring their aluminum music

how bright quick sharp sun came they came
fast diamonds running on the blue-dark lake—

I snowed for years

in your spine there are boats—

I swallowed hope

a sail, to be lifted—

I sold it for a crown

to rush brightly in music—

I sold it for a barge

on the hand of one sailor—

Isolato with a crown

at the helm: Heart’s Desire—

Isolato with a barge

the clay of you dumb at the rail at the prow,
foraging for ornamental forms—

by Isolato, I am engorged.