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from Ours: The Gardens of Andre LeNotre


In an effort to make the garden standing proof of the ascendancy of reason 

over nature, strict rules governed its layout: a principal axis running north

and south must begin at the back door and head straight toward an illusion

of infinity intersected by perpendiculars that divide all of space into neat


and so on. And thus

a chateau becomes a little jewel in a park, and a garden,

                                                                        a little halt in the nerve. A little


unlikely order. Arcing dark

                                    and the forest thriving

                        the house a gem, the clouds unreal,

and forest after forest, the world is painted 

on a porcelain cup, emerald castle, peridot trees  

extend from the center, a deer moth-white, a terrace made to float 

above all

            Close the door.

                                and corridor in faceted stone; house my diamond 

that writes on glass: pass 

by my window. You are looking out both

                                        from and at

                                        the enormous forest.


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